DNB provides data through its statistical website. These data are publicly available for everyone and free of charge. Even though DNB has taken the utmost care in compiling the data and is of the opinion that they present a truthful rendition of the current state of affairs at the time they are published, we do not guarantee that the data is always correct, current or complete. DNB does not accept liability for any damage or consequences from the use of, reliance on, or actions undertaken on the basis of data on its website or the inability to use the data.

Although DNB strives to have the website and statistics platform operational at all times, we do not accept liability for any damage or consequences from the fact that the website or statistics platform is unavailable at any time. DNB can, without prior notice, decide to change a certain dataset and discontinue certain datasets, the website or the statistics platform, either temporarily or permanently. The provision of services based on data provided by DNB and the risks of damage to any enterprise as a result of calamities or the discontinuation of DNB’s website or the statistics platform, are entirely for the account of the user.

The database and all datasets are provided under the Creative Commons Attribution license (CC-BY 4.0). You must mention DNB as the source when using any of the data. As a user, you must also refer to the license and indicate whether the data have been transformed. You are allowed to transform the data, but you may not indicate that DNB approves the transformation or its use.

If you access this website of part of it, you will be deemed to have accepted the foregoing.