In the dashboards below, we present the main trends in the financial sector and the balance of payments. The charts in the dashboards are updated in real-time as soon as new data become available, which means they are always up to date. The series used in the dashboards only represent a small selection of the data tables available in the database. Series not included in the dashboards can be found on the Data search page.

There are several export options for each of the charts in a dashboard, and you can save the charts as images. It is also possible to download series of charts. You can use the "embed" option to include the chart in another website. It will then be updated automatically.

  • DNB’s balance sheet
  • Investment Funds
  • Balance of Payments
  • Financial markets
  • External Wealth
  • FS - Indicators
  • Macro-economical scoreboard
  • Supervised entities
  • Pensions
  • Interest rates
  • Household savings
  • Structure of the banking sector
  • Insurers
  • Exchange rates
  • Mortgages
  • Corporate lending