Advance release calendar

For each data category the Advance Release Calender gives the periodicity available and dates of future updates of the times series. It concerns monetary, financial and external data mainly collected and calculated by DNB. Some data are disseminated by the ECB.

Last update advance release calender 28-11-2018

Date of publication Subject Reference period
Daily Interest and exchange rates D-1
Daily Stock market indices D-1
Wednesday Monetary policy ECB W-1
13-12-2018 Data individual pension funds Q3/18
13-12-2018 Policy funding ratio of pension funds Q3/18
13-12-2018 Pension assets invested Q3/18
14-12-2018 Central Bank Survey of the Nederlandsche Bank 11/18
21-12-2018 Country risk of banks Q3/18
24-12-2018 International transactions in goods and services, direct investment, cross-border transactions in securities, derivatives Q3/18
24-12-2018 Dutch external assets Q3/18
24-12-2018 Dutch gross external debt Q3/18
24-12-2018 Direct investment in the Netherlands and abroad Q3/18
24-12-2018 Unit trusts Q3/18
24-12-2018 Policy funding ratio of pension funds 11/18
27-12-2018 Dutch government paper Q3/18
28-12-2018 Data individual banks S1/18
3-1-2019 Bank lending and attracted deposits 11/18
3-1-2019 Key indicators monetary statistics 11/18